MCHS News Volume 9 Number 4

A sample of historical photos from the collections of William A. “Bill” Shaffer and Millie Shaffer, featuring people and places in Madison County and Troy.

MCHS News Volume 9 Number 3

The Illinois State Historical Society has recognized the work of Charlotte E. Johnson by presenting her with the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in documenting the stories of Black families in Illinois.

MCHS News Volume 9 Number 2

Early firefighting in 19th century Madison County was both dramatic and dangerous, with fire an ever-constant threat when towns consisted primarily of wooden structures.

MCHS News Volume 9 Number 1

Sears House kits that were sold by Sears, Roebuck & Company from 1908 to 1941. Kits consisted of house plans and everything else needed to construct a house, all ordered through catalogs.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 6

In 1963, the Madison County Historical Society purchased the Weir House, built for John Weir in 1836. Here you can read about the Weir family and their many contributions to Madison County.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 5

A mayor who died trying to save his town, a State’s Attorney’s home bombed, women who broke the glass ceiling, and more are all part of Madison County’s political history.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 4

The Village of Alhambra was founded in 1849. Ten years later a second village was platted less than a mile away! This newsletter explores the history of Alhambra and how the two villages became one.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 3

Roland Harris has been collecting and sharing the history of communities in the eastern part of Madison County for 70 years. His collective works have now been recognized by the State of Illinois.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 2

During the height of the tuberculosis epidemic, Madison County built a hospital dedicated solely to the care of TB patients.

MCHS News Volume 8 Number 1

East of Edwardsville, in Pin Oak Township, more than 150 years ago, there was a settlement of Black farmers that author J. Eric Robinson calls “The Pin Oak Colony.”