Selections from the Smith Collection

mortar and pestle
Mortar and pestle. These artifacts were used for food preparation. Native American women pounded dried corn into meal or flour by hand using these heavy stone tools. Material: Stone. Region: Illinois. MCHS objects 1990-001-0046 (mortar) and 1990-001-0047 (pestle).
Arrowhead. The shape of this arrowhead is unusual, making it hard to identify. Arrowheads of this tiny size indicate hunting with bows and arrows rather than spears. Material: Chert — colorful Crescent Burlington. MCHS object 1990-001-0005.
banner stone
Banner stone. A few hundred years ago, local Native Americans used this banner stone as a weight for hunting with an atlatl spear. Material: Stone, Dongola chert? Region: Midwest U.S. Culture: Illinois? MCHS object 1990-001-0035.
Hook. Although the local Native Americans ate a lot of fish, they used nets and spears for fishing instead of fishing rods. They likely used hooks like this to hang or clip something. Material: Burlington chert. Region: Illinois? MCHS object 1990-001-0021.
duck effigy bowl
Duck effigy bowl. This bowl has a very distinct head and tail of a duck. The little white specs in the clay tell us that the artist used shell temper to make it. Material: Ceramic, shell temper. Region: Fulton County, Illinois. Culture: Cahokian? (CE 900-1400). MCHS object 1990-001-0050.