Archaeology of Madison County
Explores changes in archaeology through the collections and stories of three Madison County citizens.

Black History in Madison County Before 1900
Features photographs, illustrations, documents, and artifacts about the lives of early African American Madison Countians.

Civil War Stories
Features letters, photographs, artifacts, original military records, and ideas for classroom activities.

Edward Coles, Champion of Freedom
Tells the story of the twists and turns in Coles’ path to personally manumitting ten people and keeping Illinois a “free state.”

Farming in Madison County Before 1900
Explores early agricultural tools in the Madison County Historical Society’s collections and the people who used them.

Laborers in Madison County History
Artifacts, documents, and photographs illuminate eleven trades prevalent in Madison County circa 1912.

Musical Madison County
Features antique instruments, sheet music, record albums, and images of historic local bands.

Vintage Jewelry & People Who Wore It
Features selections from the Madison County Historical Society’s holdings of jewelry and related photographs.

Wood River Refinery’s First 100 Years
Presents the refinery’s history 1917-2017, featuring images from the Madison County Historical Society’s collections.

Women’s Suffrage Movement in Madison County
Artifacts and images illuminate the women’s suffrage movement in the county, state, and country.

World’s Fair Stories
Tells the stories of some Madison County residents who participated in or visited the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.