Musical Madison County

Madison County’s rich musical history is too broad and deep to cover comprehensively in an online exhibit of reasonable length. From musical instruments of every type, to historical sources on scores of dance bands, to musical recordings in every medium, the Madison County Historical Society holds a multitude of artifacts and archives relating to the subject.

Choose your own adventure in this online exhibit. Explore antique instruments used for home entertainment (see Lovejoy Piano, Melodeon Organ, and Zithers). Meet representatives of the many Madison Countians whose love of music inspired them to start or join a band (see The Schwarz Family, Cordelia Jones, Anita Ellsperman, and Joey James Hlavsa). Experience how people of the past turned to music in some of life’s most poignant circumstances (see A Funeral Organ, Blue Stars, and Ballad of the ERA).

This online exhibition was written and designed by Mary Z. Rose, Assistant Curator at the Madison County Historical Museum and Archival Library. Please send your feedback and/or any questions about this exhibition to