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Archival Library Closed Until Further Notice

We regret to inform you that the Madison County Archival Library at 801 N. Main Street in Edwardsville will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions. The society has also cancelled the next event in the MCHS Speaker’s Series for now. Peter Stehman was scheduled to speak on the lynching of Robert Praeger […]

MCHS News Volume 7 Number 2

From itinerant peddler to a chain of department stores, generations of the Glik family, through hard work and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, have brought their business to a place of national prominence.

MCHS News Volume 7 Number 1

This article profiles the history of three St. Jacob buildings that were built in the 1870s and are still in use today. All are connected, not just by age, but through the families that lived in them.

MCHS News Volume 6 Number 6

The last quarter of the year 1918 was a difficult one for the country as well as Madison County where residents experienced wartime shortages, the medical crisis of the flu epidemic and the last days of WW I.

MCHS News Volume 6 Number 5

The Catholic Church in Edwardsville was established in 1842, but German Catholics wanted a church of their own with services in their native language. They began planning for a new church in the 1860s.