Archival Library Holiday Hours/Closures

Holiday hours announced at archival library

Peering into the Past — Paranormally

Peering into the Past — Paranormally

Vintage Baseball Game

Vintage Baseball Game

Breakfast Fundraiser at Masonic Lodge

Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast fundraiser

MCHS Trivia Night

MCHS at Trivia Night – Aug. 27

Genetic Genealogy and Your Family Tree

Researching Your Family Tree Using DNA

MCHS News Volume 10 Number 1

Read about the mystery and unique history of the Burroughs house on Springfield Road in Fort Russell Township.

MCHS News Volume 9 Number 6

Learn about the remarkable life of Mr. Dilliard, and his decades-long connection to the MCHS

History Camp for Kids — A Week of Adventures

A four-day History Camp for Kids, geared for Madison County students aged 9-11

MCHS News Volume 9 Number 5

A look at the many breweries that operated in Madison County.