Forgotten Cemeteries of Madison County

Madison County is over two hundred years old, covers 741 square miles, and, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, contains over two hundred cemeteries.  Many of these cemeteries are small.  Some consist of only a handful of graves or even just a single grave, while others are old neighborhood burial grounds with several tombstones still standing. But all of them proudly guard the memory of those who settled in this area. Stories of the people buried in these quiet and nearly-forgotten places are many and varied.  Many came to Madison County with high hopes of a bright future that included building a home for their children and even perhaps leaving them a legacy.  For some, that dream came true.  For others, death came too early and the survivors were left to continue the dream.  Only a few of the stories can be told here, but they serve as a reminder that those stones mark more than a forgotten burying ground.