Speaker Series
Dr.Julie Zimmermann

Sunday, June 20 2PM

In Our Own Backyard:
The SIUE Excavation of the Gehring Site

“SIUE’s Gehring Site is located on the SIUE campus between Cahokia Creek and the bluff, eight miles north of Cahokia Mounds.  Since 2009, Zimmermann has been directing the SIUE archaeology field school at the Gehring Site. Work thus far has shown the site was used from late-PaleoIndian through historic periods, but most intensively during the Middle Woodland (ca. 2000 years ago) and Mississippian periods (ca. 1000 years ago).

This program will discuss what has been found at the site where Zimmermann’s primary research interest is with the Middle Woodland (Hopewell) occupation. Although virtually all archaeological time periods are represented at the site, Mississippian has been the most prominent.