Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Gary Denue, President, Edwardsville
Candace Ladd, Vice-President, Edwardsville
Arnold Meyer, Treasurer, Highland
Tallin Curran, Secretary, Granite City
Norma Asadorian, Granite City
Mary Bade, Maryville
Mae Grapperhaus, Troy
Murray Harbke, Wood River
Don Huber, Alton
Tina Hubert, Pontoon Beach
Jeff Pauk, Edwardsville
Cindy Reinhardt, Edwardsville
Sue Wolf, Edwardsville


Jon Parkin, Director
Mary Westerhold, Archival Research Manager
LaVerne Bloemker, Archival Research Assistant
Carol Frisse, Archival Research Assistant
Jenn Walta, Museum Curator
Mary Rose, Assistant Museum Curator